Why is this so complicated?

Right did a lot of reading trying to get an understanding of how this is done here – It is a pain in the arse!

Basically you have to get a learner permit and then you are limited to a 125cc max with “L” plates anything bigger can not be ridden on the roads without an instructor with you at all times.

Choice 1: Pay for as many lessons as required to go straight to a full licence (A) – problem is, I think you have little actual road experience and it is costly.

Option 2 . Get the CBT (provisional) then a small bike and do some miles to learn and then take the “big boy” license – still expensive as I would need to buy a small second hand bike to crash, but at least I would have some real world experience and I can recoup some of the cost as a deposit on the new one(trade in)

So current thought is to go for something like this one above – cheap and fun but get some real world experience then jump to the bigger bike by the end of next season.

But it’s still just a big pain in the arse !

Author: Stuart