Alternate Thoughts

The T120 Black

Its a nice bike same motor as the Speed Master just with the more traditional seating – It is readily available and generally a fair bit cheaper.

This CC limits on licensing makes it hard to do this in a logical slow increment of bike sizes – It appears to be done to make it difficult to get into biking :/.

Ideally I wanted to get a cheap under powered 500cc to gain experience before I moved up to the bike I want – Just cant be done that way limited to 125cc which will not really let me do the rides I want to do will I gain experience and jumping to a big bike too soon is silly stupid IMHO.

So I guess the only root, is to go for a full licenses which will mean paying for lessons / licensing on a 650cc which will give me my full access license (expensive) and then purchasing a bike to gain actual road experience maybe just going in at the 800/900cc level and not look any further for now? T100 ?

Update and some research – this is a good potential

The T100 are reasonable on the price side of things – nice solid bike, good looks and the retro style that I like – loads of luggage options etc plus has all the rider aids needed ABS Traction etc – A possible good benefit to one of these is they can be “detuned” to a A1 licenses level maybe a good way to gain experience with out the need to upgrade at all – for now!

This one is around the £6000 mark

Maverick Speedmaster

Some options I like

Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster, Maverick inspiration kit.

Fitted with;,

-Flat Bar Conversion,

-Mid Foot Controls,

-Black Vance & Hines With Black Headers,

-Black Intake Covers,

-Brown Leather Ribbed Seat and Pillion Seat,

-Pillion Seat Finisher (Black),

-Tec Bike Parts Levers,

-Bar End Mirrors,

-Triumph Bullet Indicators,

-Front Fender Finisher.

£10,995 – 10000k’s on the clock


New Target Bike.

IF i do upgrade to the bigger version and the right bike is available at the time I would consider this triumph – Nice solid machine that really does appeal – Most certainly need some time on the road before this “upgrade”!

Has lots of nice travel bags, duffel and windscreen etc for longer trips,

£10k with a bit of looking maybe 9.5 later into next year ?


Why is this so complicated?

Right did a lot of reading trying to get an understanding of how this is done here – It is a pain in the arse!

Basically you have to get a learner permit and then you are limited to a 125cc max with “L” plates anything bigger can not be ridden on the roads without an instructor with you at all times.

Choice 1: Pay for as many lessons as required to go straight to a full licence (A) – problem is, I think you have little actual road experience and it is costly.

Option 2 . Get the CBT (provisional) then a small bike and do some miles to learn and then take the “big boy” license – still expensive as I would need to buy a small second hand bike to crash, but at least I would have some real world experience and I can recoup some of the cost as a deposit on the new one(trade in)

So current thought is to go for something like this one above – cheap and fun but get some real world experience then jump to the bigger bike by the end of next season.

But it’s still just a big pain in the arse !