Choices – an update

Difficult – but I think ..

It is a difficult thing to get onto a reasonable size bike within a reasonable time period at an affordable price ! Dont understand why but those are the rules!

Step one is to get your “provisional” here called CBT that allows a max of 125cc with “L” plate but in order to get a full licenses you then need to gain experience and take the full exam (2 part) on a 650cc by using paid for, hired instructor guided rides before you can even consider riding a larger capacity bike – crazy really as that means you jump from 125cc to the bike of dreams, bad idea or you waste a lot of money on smaller bikes to gain the experience needed to get there safely?

So my current idea is to :

Step 2 after getting the CBT – purchase a midsize 650cc (learn on the back roads) ya I know sorry but that is what the budget allows for, farm tracks a few runs down the lanes. Take the full license on the then beat up 650cc and use that for a year or so to gain more experience, I will aim for shorter tours than I had hoped for but still be good fun.

Step 3 will be to purchase the Triumph Speed master if it is still at the top of the list at the time!

The Retro midsize bike market is full of nice options and I am looking at a lot of options they all around the £5.5k mark, second hand actually not that many as most makers are just bringing out their offerings but I have seen a few, with a few hundred £ saving so I keep looking and aim at purchase in spring (late winter)

Some of the new bike offerings so far are :


Royal Enfield



Author: Stuart